BARF diet sounds unpleasant but actually stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food

We have been feeding both of our dogs a pre-packaged frozen raw food for three years now and will never go back to regular kibble. Not only are we convinced that this food is biologically more appropriate for our dogs but we have seen the results as well.

Below is our experience with BARF diet.

Seo was always my problem case when it came to keeping the weight off. This was especially impoprtant for her as a perfromance dog to minimize the injury potential from jumping with too much weight. Every year we would struggle to keep her weight down until we started feeding her a BARF diet. Quickly the pounds dropped and we were able to keep them off easily.

Toonie on the other hand had both weight problems but more importantly developed skin allergies that could be traced back to various ingredients contained in the kibble we were using. Since switching to a BARF diet his skin has cleared up and there have been no further allergy occurences.

For more information on the brands we sell click for FARMORE or NORTHWEST NATURALS.